Friday, February 27, 2009

Bowling+sushi= happiness


27 feb 2009 . Its all about sushi today!.. I WANT SUSHI!!..itu je kt dlm pikiran..kalo x dpt sushi.. maybe pengsan kot today..haha...sampai buat2 merajuk with Kul n Jeevan...sbb janji2 palsu mereka..hehe..actually xde merajuk long as i dpt my sushi..then i'll keep my mouth shut n my stomach FULL! damn excited when i entered SUSHIYA. can smell d food..d aura of delicious sushi..YUM YUM..i smiled at the waitress....she smiled back at me..haha..regular customer la katakan..asyik2 muka bdk2 ni je..xde muka lain pe..haha..(dlm hati waitress tu la agaknye)

Got our seats..yeay! me, janu, sham, rupesh sat down..nice big comfy chair...looked at d menu..then ordered our was a long wait..but it is all worth GREEN DRAGON ( in russian zilioni dragon) ..a shushi with eel, caviar, egg cucumber FILLING it wassss ...NICE weyh!!! i even ordered eel roll just to show how much I LOVE eel ...haha ...rupesh ordered california roll ..i curik 2sushi from him..ahahah....GELOJOH SIOT... then after a while ...OGY came!!!...HAHA..konon nye serba datang la gak..haha..THANKS ogy!!!..asusual , he ordered his favourite dish..BUTA-something2(babi ape tah)..haha..kitorang dah abis mkn..baru la sebuk ramai2 la dok tgk ogy mkn..comel siot.. =) Lpas dah full..suddently sham said..JOM MAIN BOWLING!..n i staight away..JOM!...ahaha...the 5 of us argued for a few minutes..n then atlast..ogy surrendered..n agreed with us..we called 2cabs..bcos in ukraine maximum 4 people are allowed in one car(except for those SUV n MPVs).waited for d cab for about 5mins...then of we go to KINO UKRAINA for BOWLING!..

6 ROUNDS of bowling...DIE weyh...haha...never mind...i just loveeee bowling so much dat everytime i bowl.. i tend to forget all my probs.. =) ..n now..i have to bare the consequences..MY WHOLE BODY IS IN PAIN! haha..tu laaa...sape suro main bowling byk sgt..kan dah record , 4times a week. WOW..wat to not really good in other sports..well not really good in any sport..hah hah... ;p ..ogy played quite well today altho he's high...still manage to keep his alignment straight..COOL....even my alignment pun dok lari je smlm..hampes..there were alot of people yesterday..n agak menganggu konsentrasi la jugak..terlompat2 menjerit2..huhu..xpe laa..diorg byr gak kan for d lane..sabar je la. :D but overall IT WAS WHOLE LOT OF FUN!....sakit pun sakit la..

me n janu