Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Updates. 16.10.10

Here's a quick updates from me to earthlings. :D OK. I've been very-very busy lately, and i mean VERY( stress kat situ) busy. Busy for what? Yeah some maybe dah tahu, some maybe tak tahu lagi. So ni nak bagitahu la nih. Im TRANSFERING back to my old UNI. If nak tahu why, can ask Aaina or Feez. Tak larat nak cerita balik. Panjang sangat. HUHU. But yeah this transfering stuff memang very leceh. Serious sangat penat. Everyday been running up and down at university (current one). From morning till evening. Then balik takde mood dah nak online or what so eva. Terus baring atas katil and watch movies or masak or play games to release tension. So hopefully by next week dah bole transfer. Ameen!.. Korang doakan sekali la k. Penat nanti nak rework semua miss classes. One month dah miss. So bayang kan la. So basicly after this i will be double busy dari sekarang. So nak mintak maaf dari awal, if maybe lagi jarang online after this. hehe.

Orait thats about it.

and owh, before terlupa, just want to take this opportunity to wish Azwa Murad & Adam Shaharel SELAMAT BERTUNANG. Serious Erin sedih sangat-sangat tak dapat pergi. But very happy at the same time sebab dapat tengok the ceremony live from webcam. ( i even cried) :). Congrats again cousin!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hey Blog.

Hey blog,

have you ever miss someone so bad that tears went down your cheeks without even realizing it until it drop on your pants?

have you ever miss someone so bad that you cant stay put, trying your best to walk around and finding something useful to do as long as your occupied?

have you ever miss someone so bad that when you are talking to your friend you weren't really listening to what your friend was saying?

have you ever miss someone so bad that you would call him/her eventhough you know he/she is sleeping soundly?

Hey blog,

you're not even answering my questions...

Am i going nuts talking to you blog just because i miss someone?

hey someone i miss,

i really miss you.
i dont know why.
but yeah i miss u.

yours sincerely,
Ms Somehow Somewhat became extremely emotional.