Saturday, March 27, 2010


Alhamdulillah. I believe im truely blessed. Alhamdulillah. There's nothing in this world that i want, because it seems that most of it, is already mine. Alhamdulillah. I have a loving family that i can come home to every summer just to get myself fat, a comfortable home which i can take shelter from, transportation to get to places i wish to go, delicious mum's cooking , ohh im very greatful Ya Allah. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah. U have given me all that i need. Infact, U have given me more than what i needed. Without U, im nothing. Where i am , and who i am today is all because of U, Allah.

Ya Allah.. U gave me brain, to think, to learn, to differentiate between whats right and whats wrong and it is up to me to think of which path should i take. Everytime im closer to the dark path , there will always be a Nur , to make me realise that what i've done is wrong and thus, back to U, my Creator. These shows how much U loved me Ya Allah, and im very greatful ....


i love YOU too YA ALLAH and thanks for everything..


Hamba Mu Zul-Azurin Zulkefly

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Im Happy Because I have A New Kitty!

Ok ok . Tajuk pun dah tau nak cerita pasal kucing baru lah tuh! Omg!! Memang!! Memang nak cerita pasal WOK! Bukan wok yang untuk masak tu yer, ni nama kucing baru saya iaitu WOK :)

Ramai tanya, kenapa
WOK? takda nama lain yang lagi sedap is it? Owhh.. actually WOK tu macam panggilan manja ibu kepada anak-anak nya. Kakak tu WOK, erin WOK , mira pun WOK. Kire macam kalo dialog camni laaa..

ibu: Wok sehat ke???

translation: ibu: (eena,erin or mira sayang ) sehat ke?
HA! camtu la. Kire cam sayang la actually. Macam mana terpikir nak letak nama tu? Ha tu sebab teman lelaki la, seronok sangat gelak dengar kakak panggil erin wok kat dublin (=.=) lantas terus menjadikan ianya satu idea untuk menamakan kucing barunya
WOK, but little did he know that ayahanda teman lelaki sudah pun meletakkan nama kucing tersebut Bon. LOL.


I stold the name since Bon and my new kitten looks the same (in terms of colours)!!!

Thus the name WOK is born. Healthy 2 and a half month old kitty ;)
Sangat-sangat comel serius tak tipu jenis yang kalau kite tengok je rasa nak bagi pelempang.
WOK juga sangat-sangat manja! urgh!!! geram! Mari kau kucing! **ambil WOK yang tengah tido letak atas riba.** :)

ni ha gambar WOK.............................


and ME :D

Yeah yeah. Nanti saya upload lagi gambar WOK full ok. ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Friday, March 5, 2010

Ft Island

Im soo in love with this song right now. Relaxing and soothing too! I know this song is quite old (well not old old.) Dah half a year keluar kot. But only recently notice that this song is really-really beautiful! Thanks to Mira ( my lil sis) kerana memperkenalkan lagu ini. :) To korean lovers out there, ENJOY. :)

by Ft Island- Raining