Saturday, January 9, 2010

All grown up.

For the past few days i've been thinking alot about life. How my life changed for the past few years. I mean, im practically wiser now, i can think about whats best for me, and what should i do in order to be happy, but somehow..there are things that i cant seem to understand.

Example. We are erm wat.. 24? 25? According to my parents, at that age we are suppose to atleast think about getting married or atleast engaged. Hmm ..i honestly think thats a little bit old fashion. (sorry ma n dad).

To me, getting married does not depend on age. Semua kan terletak di tangan Nya. Jodoh pertemuan di tangan Tuhan. Allah swt dah tulis pasangan-pasangan kita sejak kite lahir lagi, cuma nak jumpa tu maybe la ade yang awal, ade yang lambat. Ofcourse i understand ibu-ibu and bapa-bapa want their child to get married ASAP untuk mengelakkan maksiat. Betul tuh. Saya sokong 100%.
But bukan ke if we want to get married pun, there are few syarat in Islam. If tak mampu, we cant force ourselves, unless parents nak support. But macam salah je tuh. Dah kahwin kena la support family sendiri, why nak susahkan parents. :D..
But like i said before, ape-ape pun keputusan terletak di tangan Nya. Try to run pun ,sure end up together.

So, why is it this topic suddently came up to me?
  • i had a dream of getting married. (noooooo)
  • ada orang melamar ke.. (double noooo)
  • baru balik dari majlis perkahwinan?...(ahahahahahaha.Im in ukraine, sape punya majlis perkahwinan i wanna go?)
  • my mum is forcing me to get married. (my mum is super cool, eventho she wants me to get married she will never force me into doing something i dont like.Besides, she wants me to finish my study first,hense undertands that im getting married later than the age she suggested. I love u ma )
  • someone close to me is getting married. ( yer betul! 118 markah untuk kita.)

Yes you.. u know who u are. Im happy for u dear. Im excited and nervous at the same time. Thanks to you, now i have something big to think of for my future. :p Wishing u a happy life ahead with your hubby by ur side. From the look of his, i know he's a great guy for u. I know that things are going to be different from now on. No more calling whenever i like for a mamak session at Mohsein. No more kidnapping u just to go out and watch movies. No more us girls having girls night out. Owh my gee.. banyak nye benda akan berubah!!!! arghhhhh! But understood. We ( the rest) will undergo the same thing sooner or later. We just have to accept the fact that one of our dearly beloved now has a new life which also includes us ofcourse, but everything has a limit.


Its january 9 . 2 months to go. Gambate bride-to-be!

Tiba-tibe letak gambar ni kan memandangkan nak celebrate mood perkahwinan ko.

Sambil-sambil tu hint baik punyer untuk lagi 2tahun. ;)