Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hye. Its 11 March 2009 8.16pm. I was forced by SALSABILA SHEIKH KHALID to update my blog which i left un update only for 3days!!!!.. OK ok Sal, i'll update my blog especially for you. I've been very-very busy for the past few days. Been thinking whetha i can settle all my class and manage to get my visa before flying to UK for holiday. Please ALLAH swt. Semoga semua nye berjalan lancar. Really-really looking forward for the trip. Its been so long since our last family trip. And i am desperately in need of holiday. I miss my mum, my dad, my kakak yang sombong semenjak ade bf (lol..kidding kakak) and my little sister very-very much! Cant wait to hug each and every one of them and have lots and lots of fun in Paris! :)

Its 9.26pm. See how much time did i took just to write a paragraph of something from my mind. 1 hour and 10mins passed by and i still dont know what to write. Im in BLUR MODE. Hey maybe its because im hungry. Tak makan dinner lagi. And ouh shaz. Just wanna let you know that im taking your advise. I've been skipping dinner for 3days now. But today, im gonna eat something but no carbs. AYAM MASAK MERAH ( yang dimasak oleh chef Zul-Azurin). Its too tempting. Cant help it. So im just gonna ignore the no-dinner diet. SORRY everyone! huhu.

Its 11.50pm. OMG! damn long weyh i took to eat is it???? ...huhu..Ate , chat and watched malay drama called Ihsan (normal malay drama yang selalu keluar masa time raya tu, the one where they'll show about anak derhaka and stuffs) INSAF MODE. Great. Now im homesick. Kejap lagi call ibu la. Rindu nye kat ibu. ;(

Its 1.11am. fast a masa berlalu. Study sudah. Makan sudah. Tengok movie sudah. Homesick still ade lagi. Haih. I wanna go HOME badly!!!!! ... argh! So..cik Zul..PLS go to sleep. =) ... And guess wat time is it now ....

Its 2.29am. Notice how long did i took just to write the paragraph up there? sheishh..zul2.


NeLLy said...

ahhh! nama aku..nama fullname aku! ahhh..bangga siut aku nye fullname kt sini..wahh!

yg tercantik
sal! :D

eRiN's said...

nyesal nye letak... sob sob..

amir hakimin said...

ouhh..sal suke ek.nnti aku letak no hp dia dlm blog aku plak.biar dia xeh tido mlm.:p asyik kena kacau ngn mat rempit.:p

eRiN's said...

kejam siot ko amirrr

NeLLy said...

kuang hajo! ni la bf aku ..adui.. :P