Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hey its 12th of march 2009

Hye. Its 10.24pm. Woke up at 8am today. Called The Rock. Gayut for awhile, then at 9am again off to bed. Woke up again at 11am. Damn lazy to go to university, have to settle some stuffs at the dekanat. Went to see our agent Rajah. He's very nice today giving me good news that my visa is gonna be ready before 20th of march. Yeay! Hopefully all goes well!! Im counting days to go for holiday! Happy that i managed to settle my classes. Now im free!!!! huhuhu...After dekanat, me, Azim and Sham went to Jasmine to eat. Ate 4capati( i know.. BANYAKNYE!!! ala, penat dowh lari sana sini kat university!) and butter chicken(nice!!!) .. After that ogy called, asking wetha we want to go bowl and straight away, i think u guys knew my answer already....JOM!

So after eating, we went to Kino Ukraina asusual for bowl. Called The Rock again before the game starts. He told me that the presents i sent him have arrived safely and his sisters had opened it. Terkejut jugak. Dah la ade my pics inside. Damn. He asked me what did i sent him, and i told him i sent him my lingerie. LOL..Obviously i was joking. He was shocked to hear it. haha..tau pun cuak! LOL.

My marks sucks badly today. I dont know wetha its because i had terrible headache while playing or is it because i just plain suck at bowling...LOL..u decide. 6 rounds of bowl. 2 and a half hours. Penat weyh! Ogy performed today. Kul lost. haha. Pelik-pelik. After bowling, we walked to the shaurma place, bought chicken shaurma for dinner (its something like kebab) and continue walking to Russia( its a supermarket) to buy stuffs for cooking. Bought salads for my Draco! huhu. Then we went back home.

I ran to feed the cats and my favourite green thingy! LOL. He loves the salad soooo much that he doesnt care wetha its a big piece or a small piece...semua main ngap jer!.. I took a video of me feeding him for the 2nd time. Its far more cuter than the 1st video despite my terrible voice of juahing him. LOL.Please ignore my voice okay? Well i guess thats all for now. Im going to bed early today (hopefully) . Lots of stuff to be done tomorrow. Tata people.