Friday, March 20, 2009

Home alone

Hey guys, sorry its been so long since i last updated my blog. Been busy running here and there to make sure i can have a nice hols with family. 2 days and counting. Cant wait. Im so happy and so excited. Can just imagine the look on my mums face when she sees me. =)

By the way, im currently in SUMI . For those who doesnt know what is sumi, NO it is not a chewing gums name or food, and NO it is not in Japan. Sumi is located at northern part of Ukraine. That explains why it is very-very cold here. Im all wrapped up in 2 layers of blanket on the bed while composing this blog. Just buying some time actually plus just finished reading Shaz's and Feez's blogs.

So back to the topic, why am i in Sumi? Well its easy, Sumi and Kiev, Borispol (my flights to London departures here) is quite near to each other. So its easier to go to Borispol throught Sumi and cheaper too. So that explains the title of my post "Home Alone". I am HOME ALONE in a flat that i rent for two days while waiting to go to Borispol. Dont really know what to do tomorrow. I dont have any plans either. Maybe will go for a walk in the afternoon and go to the Famous Sushi Restaurant. Ogy said its nicer than Lugansk. I doubt. Sushi in Lugansk is just too awesome and filling! If in Sumi nicer, wow, im excited to go tomorrow!

Sigh.. suddently i miss The Rock. We talked for about an hour just now to make up for tomorrow. He's gonna be very-very busy tomorrow, handling back stage of Sunburst concert. You lucky GUY you, jeles you dapat masuk mana-mana bilik artist pun! And paling jeles, you dapat jumpa KORN and Shaggy! Argh! Jeles! I wanna see Korn performing too but i know its impossible. I love watching a concert, but finds it uncomfirtable , less air, more people, too loud. In short, its un appropriate for an asthmatic patient like me. Tak pernah pergi lagi seumur hidup. Kesian. Huhu. Nak mintak VIP ticket kat The Rock la, selesa sikit. Haha. Well they do get discount under Event Management. =) Work hard k The Rock. Kumpul duit nanti lepas i dah kerja boleh BINA MASJID. Hehe. I find it funny talking about marriage at this age altho ramai gile kawan yang dah kawin. Tak sedar diri lagi. Ahahaha. But AM NOT READY NOW. The Rock datang meminang now pun confirm REJECT. AM NOT READY! I want to get establish, then only marriage. Amin. Jangan marah k The Rock.

The Rock buat lawak aritu. "U, tido nanti please pakai jeans and belts. I takot that guy ape-ape kan u. Jangan pakai baju sendat nak tido nanti. " the story was i tumpang my friends (guy) house for a day in Sumi and the house only have 1 room and 2 beds. So in short, dia jeles. Huhu. But it was sweet of him being all concern and worried about me. Well atleast i know that he really cares for me. Plus those sms " take care jangan bagi kawan sentuh-sentuh" really flatters me. Yeah Feez, im all Lovey dovey. Damn.


NeLLy said...

oiiittt...update2...menyampah aku..hahahahah