Sunday, March 1, 2009

This is my 25

1. I LOVE EATING...and...dat is why.. Im chubby..MONTEL..tembam..te

mbun..wat eva u call it la kan.

2. My FAMILY is my LIFE is my family...

3.I love n TREASURE all my frens..n yes..i do keep in touch dgn kwn2 dr kindergarten, primary school till now..

4.My peeps means a lot..i mean a LOTTT to me..( Nayya,Aaina,Sal,Hifza,Shaz,Farah, Marsh,Feez,Nizar,Azam,Juan,Hafiz,Alina ...SILA BANGGA)

5.I really2 enjoy being here in LUGANSK..but dat doesnt mean i've forgotten about my crimean frens..I WILL COME BACK LAAAA...

6. I use to b a TOMBOY..n dat explains y..

7. Im easy going and can mingle with both boys and girls..

8. I can understand boys n girls very2 well..

9. Im lack of jealousy...n dat makes one specific person very2 risau.. not my fault.. =(

10. I dont judge people....

11. Im angry ONLY if my stomach is EMPTY ...

12. If im took me around 5 to 10mins to cool down..

13. Im soooo into ELECTRONIC STUFF..dont ask me y..

14. I listen to all kinds of music..just name it..from rock to hip hop to ballad to raggae to trance..english,chinese,malay, russian n even tamil songs..

15. I love ballet ( even msa zaman kejantanan..hhahaha..) n use to take ballet class( sbb tu kot jd pompuan now) n gymrama..n planning to continue

16. My body is very2 flexible.( 15 explains evrything)

17. I love to hangout with all types of people..from hiphoppers to punk to grunch to rempit..(they r human too)

18. I have SHORT TERM MEMORY LOST..n its getting worse..

19. I love combination of black purple n pink..

20. Saya pernah patah kaki kanan n tangan kiri.

21. I miss my late grandma..AMINAH...VERY VERY VERY MUCH..n seldom cries in my sleep

22. Saya minum milo dgn baby cups smpai form 1..yes yes..thnks..mmg xbleh blah..

23. Its difficult for me to hate a person..weldone if u have succeed...

24.I share evrything with my MUM..evry me..

25. Did i tell u dat i dont care bout wat others thinks about me except for my family n peeps?...=)